Seed Meditation
JEMILA MACEWAN Seed Meditation

Seed Meditation

A meditation everyday
from sunrise to sunset,
with a seed in palm,
holding for the duration
it takes to germinate.

Seed Meditation is part of a creative practice I call ecomorphic meditations wherein I observe the relationships, stories, and processes—the phenomenology and ontology—of the more-than-human world as a guide for inner and collective evolution. In Seed Meditation, I recognize myself as being both the germinating seed and the earth that supports life. Attention is devoted to the perseverance, patience and gentleness inherent in this profound yet subtle transformation.

The meditation will be performed for 10 days in Washington Square Park from sunrise to sunset (~13 hours each day).

The site of the meditation is the seed germinating in the palm of my hand.

My location within the park will change each day.

I will be in noble silence for the 10-day duration.

Each day will be devoted to a different theme based on a natural element or process that corresponds with spiritual processes of release. These will be distinguished by the different colors I wear each day.

The colors and their themes

Day 1. Black
Black presents us with the image of space
Release: Fear
Attitude: Courage
Divine Love as Growth

Day 2. Brown
Brown presents us with the image of earth
Release: Doubt
Attitude: Sincerity, Trust
Divine Love as Support

Day 3. Blue
Blue presents us with the image of water
Release: Control
Attitude: Yielding
Divine Love as Freedom

Day 4. Green
Green presents us with the image of life
Release: Shame
Attitude: Curious play
Divine Love as the Creative

Day 5. Pink
Pink presents us with the image of the blossom
Release: Possessive desires

Attitude: Modesty, Appreciation
Divine Love as Contentment

Day 6. Purple
Purple presents us with the image of the wound in the form of a bruise
Release: Grief
Attitude: Gentleness, Kindness, Patience
Divine Love as Healing

Day 7. Yellow
Yellow presents us with the image of the midday sun
Release: Individual ambition
Attitude: Generosity
Divine Love as Abundance

Day 8. Orange
Orange presents us with the image of the setting sun
Release: Anger, Judgement

Attitude: Mercy, Acceptance, Compassion, Equanimity
Divine Love as Forgiveness 

Day 9. Red
Red presents us with the image of the rising sun
Release: Pride
Attitude: Humility
Divine Love as Grace

Day 10. White
White presents us with the image of unfiltered light
Release: Illusion
Attitude: Honesty, Truthfulness
Divine Love as Peace