2012 Masters of Contemporary Art, Victorian College of the Arts, The University of Melbourne, Australia
2006 Bachelor of Fine Art – Production Design, Victorian College of the Arts, The University of Melbourne, Australia
2019 Banff Center Artists' Award, Canada
2019 Cinalfama Lisbon International Film Awards - Honorable Mention
2018 NARS US-based Artist Fellowship, NYC, USA 
2018 BRIC Arts Media Fellowship, NYC, USA 
2017 NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentorship, NYC, USA 
2017 Australian Consulate-General New York/Monash Room exhibition award
2016 Fellowship at Salem Art Works, NY, USA
2015 Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant
2015 Dame Joan Sutherland Fund Grant
2015 Australia Council for the Arts: Artstart
2015 Mentorship with Janine Antoni, NYC
2015 The Gertrude St Projection Festival, Honorable Mention
2013 Keith and Elisabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship Award, Shortlist
2013 Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards 2013, Highly Commended
2012 Graduate Women of Victoria Scholarship
2012 Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards 2012, Highly Commended
2011 Acacia Award, Art prize
2011 Alchera Award, Art prize
2011 Alliance Française Award, for outstanding graduate work 
2011 George Hicks Award, for outstanding graduate work
2019 On Volcanoes and Other Transfigurative Bodies, for BRIC Bienniel III at NARS Project Room, with Caitlin Berrigan, Curated by Eliza Guitarez, NYC 
2019 The Wake, at Cooler Gallery, Curated by Michael Yarinsky, NYC
​2017 Topographies: Jemila MacEwan and Karin Waskiewicz, at VICTORI + MO, Curated by Alixandra Hornyan, AH Arts, NYC 
2017 Boundary Event, at The Australian Consulate-General NY, NYC 
2017 It Holds Us All, at Pioneer Works, Curated by Gabriel Florenz, NYC 
2016 Boundary Event, at C3 Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia 
2014 Where a Stone Once Stood, at Robert Blackburn 20|20, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, NYC
2012 Agency Project, at Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia
2012 Bewildered, at BUS Projects, Melbourne, Australia
2012 Cactus Garden, at Alice Euphemia, Melbourne, Australia
2012 Window, at Rose Chong, Melbourne, Australia
2011 Boo Hoo, at C3 Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia
2010 Telling Tales, collaboration with Simon MacEwan at Craft Victoria and Craft Cubed Festival, Melbourne, Australia
2009 I’ll be home one day, at Brunswick St Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2019 Mollusk Meditation, Performance at Grace Exhibition Space, NYC, USA (upcoming)
2019 Mollusk Meditation, Performance at ARoS Art Museum, Denmark 
2019 The Wake, Cinalfama Lisbon International Film Awards, Portugal
2019 The Wake, Screening, at Cooler Gallery, NYC
2018 BRIC Media Arts Fellowship Screening, NYC, USA 
2018 Fault Lines, Collaborative Performance with Nooshin Rostami at BRIC Arts Media 
2018 A tamingPerformance at Chashama, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2017 Human Meteorite, Performance and Earthwork at This Will Take Time, CA, USA 
2017 i cloud (performer)Screening at Imagine Science Film Festival, NYC
2016 Faux Studio, Drawing Performance with Simon MacEwan at C3 Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia.  
2016 Birth of the Ghost, Screening in Spells Magazine Issue 1. Launch, NYC
2015 Casa, Performance at Arquetopia, Oaxaca, Mexico 
2015 Mi Casita, Performance at Arquetopia, Oaxaca, Mexico 
2015 Birth of the Ghost, Screening in Strobe Network at Flux Factory, NYC
2015 Slip, Performance, Flux Factory, Queens, NYC
2014 Maiden Grass Voyage Screening, Instinct 6YL Magazine exhibition and launch, Melbourne, Australia
2013 Maiden Grass Voyage, Performance, Manhattan, NYC
2012 Agency Project, Performance at Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australi
2010 Making of 'Under the Weather' (production designer)Screening at ACMI, Australia
2010 Under the Weather (production designer)Screening at ACMI, Australia

2019 TBA, Earthwork at Lacasa Art Park, NY, USA 
2019 Listening Well, Earthwork at Cooler Ranch, NY, USA 
2017 Human Meteorite, Earthwork at This Will Take Time, CA, USA 
2015 Shrine for Headless Birds, at Paul Artspace, MO, USA

2019 2019, OK, at Spanien19C, Curated by Christine Laquet, Aarhus, Denmark
2019 Stoop, at NYCxDesign at Brooklyn Design for Cooler Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2019 The Wake, Castlemaine State Festival 2019, Australia
2018 16 Memos for the Next Millenium, at NARS Foundation, Curated by Vanessa Kowalsky, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2018 Urns, at Cooler Gallery, Curated by Michael Yarinsky, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2018 Paul Artspace: 5 Years, at Gallery 210 at the University of Missouri St. Louis, USA 
2018 Birds of Passage 1998-2018 - Assembly, Skaftfell, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland 
2018 Chashama at Spring Break, NYC 
2018 Just Being Polite, Chashama, Brooklyn, NY, USA 
2017 Material Girls presents: Hello Girls!, No Vacancy, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2017 Smoldering at Museum Blue, St Louis, MO, USA
2017 Against Competition/Towards Mutual Aid, at Flux Factory, NYC
2016 Faux Studio, at C3 Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia. 
2016 Salem Art Works Summer Session Exhibition, Salem, NY, USA
2015 Daze of Our Lives, TwoSeven, NYC
2015 The Gertrude St Projection Festival, Melbourne, Australia
2015 Strobe Network at Flux Factory, NYC
2014 Birth of the Ghost, at Governors Island Art Fair 2014, NYC
2013 Stitching Time: Phenokistoscope at Craft (formerly Craft Victoria), Melbourne, Australia
2013 Keith and Elisabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship Exhibition at Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Australia
2012 VCA Masters Exhibition at Victorian College of the Art, Melbourne, Australia
2012 Place of Assembly at Melbourne International Arts Festival, School House Studios, Melbourne, Australia
2012 Alliance Française Award Exhibition at Alliance Française Melbourne, Australia
2012 The Art of Collecting at George Paton Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2012 Put Out The Sun: The Bogeyman at C3 Contemporary,, Melbourne, Australia
2012 Launch 12 at Brunswick Arts, Melbourne, Australia
2011 VCA Graduate Exhibition at Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia
2011 Horse Latitudes at VCA student gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2011 Flight at Salmagundi Studios, Sydney, Australia
2010 Drawing No.1 at C3 Contemporary, and Craft Cubed Festival, Melbourne, Australia. 

2019 Cinalfama Lisbon International Film Awards, Portugal
2019 NYCxDesign Festival, Stoop, at Brooklyn Design for Cooler Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2019 Castlemaine State Festival 2019, The Wake, Australia
2019 BRIC Biennial III: On Volcanoes and Other Transfigurative Bodies, at NARS Project Room, NYC 
2018 Brooklyn Clay Tour: Urns, at Cooler Gallery, NYC, USA
2018 NYCxDesign Festival: Artist talk, Intermeddling Symposium at A/D/O, NYC, USA
2018 Spring Break Art Fair: Chashama Space for Artists, NYC 
2017 Imagine Science Film Festival: i cloud, (performer) screening, NYC, USA
2015 The Gertrude St Projection Festival, Melbourne, Australia
2014 Governors Island Art Fair 2014: Birth of the Ghost, NYC
2012 Melbourne International Arts Festival: Place of Assembly, School House Studios, Melbourne, Australia

2020 Residency at Sculpture Space, Utica, NY, USA (upcoming)
2019 Residency at Lacasa Art Park, Gardiner, NY, USA (current)
2019 'Earthed' Residency at Banff Center for Arts and Creativity, Canada
2019 Residency at ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Denmark 
2019 Residency at Cooler Ranch, Long Island, NY, USA 
2018 Residency at NARS Foundation, NYC, USA 
2018 Residency at Ox-Bow School of Art, MI, USA 
2018 Founding Director - Land Falls - Performance Process Intensive Franklin, NY, USA 
2018 Residency at Skaftfell, Iceland 
2018 Residency at Fish Factory, Iceland 
2017 Residency at This Will Take Time, CA, USA 
2017 Residency at ChaNorth, NY, USA 
2017 Ceramic Artist Residency at Salem Art Works, NY, USA 
2016 Ceramic Firing Residency at Salem Art Works, NY, USA 
2015 Residency at Arquetopia, Oaxaca, Mexico
2015 Residency at Flux Factory, NYC
2015 Residency at Paul Artspace, St Louis, MO, USA
2014 Artist Summer Institute (Creative Capital & LMCC), NYC, USA

2019 The Body in Exile; vol 1, Geary Contemporary, NYC, USA
2015 Symposium of Interdisciplinary Practice, Flux Factory, Queens, NY, USA
2011 Horse Latitudes at VCA student gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2010 Drawing No.1 at C3 Contemporary, and Craft Cubed Festival, Melbourne, Australia. 

2018 Artist talk, Banff Center for Arts and Creativity, Canada
2019 Workshop, Flaming Fields: Pompeii and Vesuvius, NYU Gallatin, NYC, USA
2019 Performance lecture, Human Meteorite for Likeminds Off-Season, NYC, USA 
2019 Panel moderator, Creative Practice and Mental Health, Cooler Gallery, NYC, USA
2018 Demonstration, Anthopocene Narratives​, NYU Gallitan, NYC, USA
2018 Artist lecture, Volcanoes: The Sublime and the Scientific, NYU Gallatin, NYC, USA
2018 Artist talk, NARS Foundation, NYC, USA
2018 Artist talk, Ox-Bow School of Art, MI, USA 
2018 Performance lecture, Intermeddling Symposium at A/D/O, for NYCxDesign Festival, NYC, USA
2018 Artist presentation at Fish Factory Residency, Stöðvarfjörður, Iceland  
2018 Artist talk and panel discussion hosted by Joel Kuennen, Chashama, NYC, USA 
2017 Artist presentation: New York Foundation for the Arts, NYC, USA
2017 Artist talk: Material Empathy at ChaNorth Residency, Pine Plains, NY, USA
2017 Artist talk: for Topographies: Jemila MacEwan and Karin Waskiewicz at VICTORI + MO, NYC, USA
2017 Panel moderator for Boundary Event at The Australian Consulate General, NYC, USA
2017 Panel discussion for Art and Architecture in the Age of the Anthropocene at Cooler Gallery, NYC, USA
2017 Visiting artist workshop (follow-up visit) at University of Maryland, MD, USA
2016 Visiting artist: artist talk and workshop at University of Maryland, MD, USA
2016 Artist talk: Salem Art Works, Salem, NY, USA
2016 Artist talk: C3 Contemporary for Boundary Event, Melbourne, Australia
2015 Performance lecture and workshop for Mi Casita at Arquetopia, Oaxaca, Mexico
2015 Artist talk: Flux Factory, Queens, NY, USA
2010 Artist talk: Craft Victoria, Melbourne, Australia2012 Workshop: Artplay, Melbourne, Australia
2012 Workshop: Gasworks, Melbourne, Australia

2019 Mentor, Photography Studies College, Melbourne, Australia
2018 Performance documentarian, Jodie Lynn-Kee-Chow, Art In Odd Places, NYC, USA  
2018 - Present Founding Director, ​Land Falls - Performance Process Intensive, Franklin, NY, USA 
2018 Fabricator for public art project by Martynka Wawryzyniak, NYC, USA 
2017 Designer, Bone Womyn, solo dance by Leslie Parker, VA, USA
2017 Visual dramaturge, Clown Therapy, (work in progress showing) by choreographer Corie Olinghouse at LMCC, NYC
2017 Performance documentarian, Rel(a)y, Art In Odd Places, NYC, USA
2017 Featured Artist for Launch of Science Studios at Pioneer Works with presentation by Werner Herzog, NYC
2016 Artist Assistant, Arlene Rush, NYC, USA
2016 Artist assistant, Janine Antoni for Rope Dance at Material Fabric Workshop, Philadelphia, PA, USA
2015 Juror, Flux Factory residency open call, Queens, NY, USA
2015 Artist assistant, Janine Antoni for At the Table, Like Lazarus Did and Lull, NYC, USA
2013 - 2015 Master Leather Artisan and instructor at Wendy Nichol, NYC, USA

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Acacia Collection
Alchera Collection
Craft Victoria
Melbourne University Union Permanent Collection